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Monday, February 13, 2012

Vegan Mac N' Cheese!

The other day I was craving some macaroni and cheese...but of course I'm vegan so that wasn't going to happen so I decided to find a vegan recipe for mac n' cheese. Unfortunately I misplaced the URL of the recipe I used but there are tons online! I highly suggest making this super healthy and satisfying recipe yourself! I added in some sauteed kale, carrots, and radicchio. It was a great meal. 


Family, Friends, and Cake

Over winter break, I was really into baking chocolate cake. Good thing I have a great family and best friend who love to be my taste-testers! The chocolate cake recipe is from the following URL:


Chocolate cake with "Enjoy Life" dark chocolate chunks!

Myself, my mom, Emily and my little sister Kelsey enjoy the final product. 

Gratitude and Joy, 


Late Post About the Meal I Made For Christmas Dinner With the Family!

I know that it is wayyyyy past December, but I've been behind in my blogging so I thought that I would simply upload my pictures of Christmas dinner in late February! What a solution! The holidays are always an excuse to make decadent meals brimming with carbs and sugar, however I put my own spin on the holidays and made a healthy meal for my family followed by desserts that have no refined sugars in them! Enjoy the photos. 

Kale salad, roasted vegetables, and roasted butternut squash. 

The final product

Organic dark chocolate covered strawberries

Christmas Morning

My bulldog Jerry, feeling exhausted after a long Christmas day,


My Favorite Pasta Meal

I have never been a huge fan of plain pasta, but recently I discovered all of the delicious recipes I can create using whole wheat pasta! Recently I have been very into roasting vegetables or squash and mixing it into my pasta topped with cold-pressed, organic olive oil, sea salt and pepper. I generally serve the dish with a side of kale salad. My kale salad is made up of pre-cut kale, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sunflower seeds, raw almonds, and dried cranberries. It's a filling, refreshing and delicious meal! 

Love Always, 

Portland, The land of Endless Delicious Vegan Food!

Hello everyone!! I'm sorry it's been so long since I've posted but I've been super busy acclimating to college life! This past weekend I traveled to Portland to stay with my best friend Emily! We basically spent the weekend adventuring from meal to meal so I thought that I would post all of my foodie photos from the trip! Enjoy!

Delicious Spring Rolls from a restaurant called "Thai Peacock"

Great salad from the Whole Foods Salad Bar in Portland...Best Whole Foods I've EVER been to. 

Vegan chocolate chip and double chocolate chunk cookies made from pre-made cookie dough by the company "EatPastry"
Final Purchase....

Me and Emily stocking up on Almond Dream vanilla ice cream and cookie dough...Ideal Friday night.

Incredible vegan cake donut from "Voodoo Doughnuts" .



Vegan doughnut heaven from Voodoo
Have a beautiful and healthy day!