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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Real Food Daily Dinner

Hi everyone!
Callie and I had an AMAZING dinner with our three friends, Aliza, Courtney, and Kali last night and we want everyone to try one of our favorite vegan restaurants, Real Food Daily. As you can see in previous posts, Callie interned at RFD in May and loved it. We all got different items to show the variety of the food they serve and every. single. thing. was delicious! Here are some photos of our meal, sorry the quality isn't up to the best standards (I think we were so excited to eat the food, we took the pictures quickly:)
                                                       Oreo Cake
                                                       Pizza (my personal favorite)
                                                      Nori Maki (vegan sushi!!)
                                                  Love, Meg

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