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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Taking the Time

As I woke up a good 5 hours later than Callie this morning, I still wanted to have a good, wholesome, vegan breakfast that I could enjoy. I just took out some Irish Steel Cut Oatmeal and instead of popping it in the microwave like so many of us do, I decided, it's a beautiful Saturday morning (afternoon for most other people...) and I should take the time to make a nicer breakfast for myself. I cooked my oatmeal on the stove, cut up a banana into small slices and had half a grapefruit. Instead of going into my room to sit on my bed, watch tv, and mindlessly eat, I went to my dining room table and sat with my dogs and had a lovely breakfast with myself and my four legged friends. From becoming more health conscious, I have learned to take more time in everything I do and not rush through the day but slow down and enjoy it. Ditch the microwave, the drive through, the pick up order, and see how it can change you!

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