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Sunday, May 22, 2011

What I Scored at the Farmer's Market

This morning I ventured to the Farmer's Market alongside my mom and one of my best friends Alex. We left the house around 8 am and it felt great to be out and about so early. Farmer's Markets can often be overwhelming if you don't have a strategy, so here is a list of tips regarding both enjoying yourself and purchasing what you need at the Farmer's Market. 

1. Before you get there make a list of everything you need to purchase.
2. When you get there walk throughout the whole farmer's market once before buying anything to see the different produce available and pay attention to which vendors say "organically grown" and to the different prices of the various produce. 
3. Before making a purchase ask the vendor whether or not their produce is grown organically because just because they are selling at the farmer's market does not mean that their product is organic. Some vendors may say that they grow their food 100 percent organically however, that they are not yet "certified" organic under law. THIS IS OK! The process to get your farm certified organic takes a very long time. 
4. Ask the vendors (if it doesn't say on the sign) where there farm is located...the closer to your area of residency, the better! Buying local means that there is less energy going into importing it to you, reducing the overall carbon footprint of your purchase.  
5. Don't forget to bring your own RE-USABLE bags to the farmer's market so you don't have to use their plastic bags. 
6. If there is a vendor there which is some sort of organization trying to campaign for something or get a petition signed, stop and talk to them to see what they are all about. Today, I talked to an organization called "Green Peace" which I know want to volunteer for! 

There you have it! Here is a list of what I purchased today. 
1. Organic kale
2. One organic cucumber
3. One bag of locally grown lemons
4. Three organic sweet potatoes
5. One stalk of organic broccoli 
6. One package of raw lotus root in soy sauce from "Dave's Gourmet Korean Food" vendor. 


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