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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why I love Vegetables + My Internship!

Hello friends!
For the next two weeks I will be interning at one of my favorite restaurants called, "Real Food Daily". It is a completely vegan restaurant that offers both traditional macrobiotic meals (brown rice, sea vegetables, miso soup, pickled veggies, steamed vegetables etc) as well as healthy comfort food options such as fettuccine Alfredo, or a large plate of completely vegan nachos. I am so excited to be spending time at such a wonderful place! One of my dreams is to open my own vegan restaurant. I believe that a restaurant should be a place where people can come together and appreciate, learn and enjoy food that is good for your body and is not processed. One of the many reasons why I find vegetables to be so beautiful is because they can be eaten just as they are produced from the ground. In one of my favorite books, "Walden Pond" by Henry D. Thoreau, the author discusses the reality that nature provides us with everything we need to survive and thrive; however, we do not take full advantage of all of these tools that the Earth provides us to live healthy lives off of. It is important to have  relationship with the food you eat, and to think about the food you are about to put into your body. Ok, sorry for that off-topic rant; now back to my internship! Today, I learned a little bit about working at the counter of the restaurant. This included how to greet people, explain to people items on the menu and also how to make people feel comfortable in a new environment. The employee whom I was shadowing, used the analogy that the restaurant is like a house and the people who work the front of the house (F.O.H) are responsible for making sure everyone is comfortable, situated and has a good immediate impression. When my day at Real Food Daily was over, the manager asked if I wanted to pick something off of the menu to take home! That was one of the best parts of my day :) I ordered my usual, The Real Food Meal, which consisted of brown rice, sea vegetables, garbanzo beans, leafy greens (today it was collard greens), a pressed salad, and seasonal steamed vegetables with an incredible tahini-miso sauce on the side. It was everything I could wish for and more! It kept me full for hours. I will keep everyone updated on how my internship goes! Have a beautiful, peaceful, and gratitude-filled evening.


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