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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Internship Days 3 and 4 UPDATE

Hi Everyone! 
First of all, my internship has been going incredibly well. Yesterday I shadowed a server (a waiter) for about four hours. I got to see how a server must juggle one million things at once, while at the same time must make the costumer feel comfortable and satisfied with their overall dining experience. I helped to bring waters/drinks, plates, and straws to costumers as well pick up checks and deliver them to tables. I got to see what happens back stage at a restaurant. This experience made me realize how IMPORTANT it is to be kind and patient with waiters and waitresses. Today, I spent my day at the office of the owner of Real Food Daily, Ann Gentry. She was so nice and really made me feel at home. I helped her revise one of her blog posts as well as sit in on a virtual chat event on the facebook page of "Veria", a website/video database focused on healthy and holistic living. I then walked across the street with Ann and her assistant, Jessica, to the Santa Monica location of Real Food Daily. I ordered one of my favorites from there, The Living Wrap. The Living Wrap was completely raw and consisted of salad greens, various veggies, and a red pepper sunflower spread with tahini house sauce on the side. To drink, I ordered a "Trilogy" flavored Kombucha drink which aids in digestion (filled with probiotics). I highly suggest typing in "kombucha" into google and reading a little about it. My lunch and day were both was  wonderful. Thanks Ann!


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